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    build a home based small server for my own website?


    My originall post was created on 03-24-2008, link is:

    The answers were very helpfull, but seems like there are some difficulties to set up my own home based server for my own website.

    This is I want to do:

    1. Purchase a pc as server, such as: HP EX470 MediaSmart Home Server: (I might get a second hand one instead).

    1. Install "Microsoft Window Home Server" (or Windows 2003 Standard server edition)

    2. Install MS SQL 2005 express for database.

    3. Install Visula Studio 2005 for web application development.

    4. Connect existing 3 pc I have now to the server.

    The problem I have now is: from the originall post there are two problems:
    1. may need the SPLA licenses (what is SPLA?)
    2. Even after you get licensed up, you might have a problem, depending on your internet connection, as many ISPs do not allow you to run a server on a regular connection, and want you to buy a "for-businesses" connection.

    All I want to do is to set up a small home based server, create one or two web applications and put them in the server, and can be accessed from internet (main purpose is to practice and learn). For example if I type: www. and www, I can open them through internet.

    Why some books never mention those difficulties, such as this: Microsoft Windows Home Server Unleashed (by: Paul McFedries )

    Will be really appreciated that if you have some experiences and can give me any advice about I am trying to do!




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    I am not sure if Microsoft Home Server comes with a web server you can use to serve websites up on the internet. Why don't you save that money and just buy a windows VPS, you can do exactly what you want to and you don't have to worry about the connection? Check out the offers section and you should be able to find one in your budget, it would be much easier then the setup you are proposing here.

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    Hi: biggerboy
    Thanks for your suggestion, sorry I am really newbie for: windows vps, i search them on internet, I got a lot of vps hosting companies, but I want to know basic knowledge about: what is Window VPS, how to use them...

    Can you give me some ideas, or some useful links?


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    A VPS is like your own little server, you have full control of what you can do on it, what is installed etc. Since you are new to this whole thing there are a few recommendations I have for you. First, whatever you do search these forums before signing up for any provider for reviews. Since you said you are new to this you should get a fully managed VPS provider, they can help you more then anyone else. You should look for a VPS with windows 2003 that you can use to remote desktop into. JaguarPC is one that comes to mind for managed VPS's and I believe they have windows. I am sure some more people can give you recommendations as well. I would visit the VPS forum on this board and you may find some threads that interest you as well.

    Good luck!

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    Why the heck would you shell out all that money to buy a server and licenses when you can find a webhost for fraction of the cost?

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    thanks guys, that is really helpful.

    and I don't think I am going to spend those money on. thanks for your suggestions.


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