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    Selling website-how do I transfer ownership of domain names

    Hi Everyone

    I am based in the UK and very much a novice at all this. I am in the process of selling my website for which I own both the .com & .UK domain names and I am finding it difficult to understand how I go about transferring ownership of the domain names to the new owner.

    Both the .com and a were registered through 1&1. There site has lots of information about domain names and tranfering in and out, but does not tell you how to go about transferring ownership. I would be very grateful if anyone could advise.


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    1&1 will allow you to push domains to a new owner, but they must have a 1&1 account.

    If you want the domain to be transferred to a new registrar, then you will need to start the transfer process and pay the appropriate fee.
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    The easiest way is to have the buyer setup an account at 1&1 and then just "push" the domains to him.
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    You can push domains at 1&1? I don't use them, but I thought it was common knowledge that you cannot push domains at 1&1.
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    If that's the only domains you hold @ 1&1 you can offer up your login info to the buyer and they can change ownership of the domains to them.
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    Or. Unlock the domain, get the auth code, give that to the buyer and ask him to request a transfer at his preferred registrar.
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    Transfer of ownership can be done in various ways, you can handover your the domain control panel user name and password to the buyer, you can push the domain name to the buyer's 1and1 account (if option available) or you can ask the buyer to request the domain transfer. For domain transfer option you will have to give the domain authorization code (also known as auth code and EPP code). You can see how to find auth code in 1and1 from this link
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    You cannot transfer OWNERSHIP of the .uk domain by 'pushing' to another account, transfer of ownership can only be made by following the Nominet transfer process - if you buy a .uk domain without following this process you will never get ownership of the domain and you could end up losing it.

    Nominat Transfer Process

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    Thanks for all the advice.

    Regards M1ntie

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    some hosts are different, but essentially, its "domain push" for same registrars. for different registrars, you may have to have a key generated and the new owner will have to use that key.

    it's easiest to have them sign up at the same registrar as you though

  11. Agree, domain push is best.

    I would also recommend a domain push and then let the new owner transfer to their own registrar... that way they have complete control of the transfer process on both sides.

    Though some registrars limit the transfer until 60 days have passed once you push the domain to a new account as well. Check first of this is the case with your registrar. You would not want to tie the hands of the new owner if they do not want the extra hassle.

    I personally don't like the problems that occur during some rare transfers that are out of my hands... giving them full control from day one makes it easier with a push.

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