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    Angry DotAsia name stolen. Where to go, what to do?

    I have just recently purchased several dotAsia names, the main one we registered with an ICANN approved registrar at 0200 UTC on the 27/03/08, the receipt of purchase arrived at 0230, a Day later I call the company to find out why the domain name was not showing up in our panel, they replied:

    "That is an error with some dotAsia names, they were actually registered in the Sunrise period but still showed available".

    Unconvinced, I did a whois on the domain name and found that it was registered at 0500 UTC on the 27/3/08 by a different registrant company, calling back to my registrant, I explained this and after explaining to them how time zones worked they noted that in fact I had placed my order and received receipt for the site prior to the current owner, They now say they are performing an investigation and will let me know as soon as they have a result.

    This domain name is a premium domain name. It is the local way to write a certain countries name in Asia.
    What actions can I take if I don't get much response from my registrar?
    What could have gone wrong?
    Do I have the right to the site since I ordered it first?
    Can I disclose the name in this forum or could that cause me more problems?


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    Good luck. You're going to need it. This .asia registry operation is a fiasco of epic proportions.
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    Probably not the greatest idea to post the domain name here. If people really want to know it, PM it to them.

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    As far as I know all country names are indeed reserved, and only people who are official in those countries may apply for it.
    If some random guy in a us domain company could order, how much sense would that make?

    Also, stu2, where can I read more about this 'fiasco'?

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    You could start by reading all the .asia threads at NamePros.
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    I think it's unfair to accuse the registry here, it looks like the registrars fault.
    The registry always informed quite well. The problem is that there are many registrars which just think they know it better and don't read the mails the registry sends.
    Also there are many people which don't understand the difference between sunrise and lundrush period. Then there registrar accepted a domain application during landrush which already got an application during the sunrise period. The registrar shouldn't have accepted this application. The people then see the auction for this domain (from the sunrise applications) and make a big shouting that they can't participate at the auction.
    An other common complain you see is the refund policy from the registrars. That's also not a registry problem and there are some registrars out there which are not so customer-friendly.

    3Piece: It could be that it was a reserved name, then government bodies have the right to get those names. Many registrars showed those names as free (the registry gave an advise how check the domain which was a little bit complicated but still for a registrar not that a problem, they changed that yesterday on there side that the registrars don't have to make any work).
    As you write that it's a premium name and a city name I can't imagine that it wasn't a reserved name or got application(s) during the lundrush period.

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    I remember I had searched for in some registrar before the official period. It showed it as available. But then when searched on some prominent registrars it showed as unavaiable.
    I then decided to drop the idea of getting a "good" .asia domain.
    I figured something like this would happen

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    Unhappy Still no resolve

    Well, It's Monday and the registrant company does not appear to be online(They don't work weekends). So no update.

    But to inform you more clearly, the name has been registered by a private individual that doesn't seem to have any relationship to the government. The country's name in question is actually 2 words, Internationally they put the 2 words together to form one word. In this format the site has been registered to the government. However, in the local dialect the name of the country is split into to words, so instead of using a space (Which you can't use) I used another character. So I'm pretty sure it wasn't registered in the Sunrise period.

    P.S. Some good names were still available. I have a few more

    Cheers Stu2 for the vote of good luck.

    EvaHost, thanks for pointing out I shouldn't post Domain Names here, could you explain why?

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    they dont work weekends? hey thats bad. Wich company is that?

    hope you the best mate!

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    Fiasco? Which country reserved as a government reserved name?
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    496 is in the list of applied names, therefore it's in one of the following categories:

    1. Domain names applied for through the .ASIA Pioneer Domains Program (Community Pioneers, Global Brand Pioneers & Partner Pioneers)
    2. Domain names applied for during Sunrise 2a of the .ASIA Sunrise period
    3. Domain names reserved for registry operator use (Tier 4 Reserved names based on the .ASIA Reserved Names Policies)
    4. Domain names reserved as per ICANN policies (Tier 0 Reserved names)
    5. Domain names applied for during Sunrise 2b, Sunrise 2c and Sunrise 3 of the .ASIA Sunrise Period
    6. Domain names applied for, to date, through the .ASIA Pioneer Domains Program: Celebrity Pioneers & Social Pioneers

    It's not a government reserved names, as the following categories are not in the reserved list:
    Tier 0: ICANN Reserved Names
    Tier 1: Governmental Reserved Names (Exclusive Reservations)
    Tier 2: Governmental Reserved Names (Priority Reservations)
    Tier 3: Governmental Reserved Names (Startup Reservations)

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