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    a2hosting vs webfaction

    Which host is better? a2hosting or webfaction. I was told both of these hosts can survive the digg effect but I want to see proof. Does anyone know if both of these host allow Anime sites? it's a video blog taking videos off from youtube, veoh, myspace so I'm not hosting the video I'm just linking them.

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    Wouldn't providing any source to anime on a website be illegal regardless of where the source is from? As long as you provide the means of watching the anime instead of the own person searching for it I think it will be illegal.
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    I am using A2hosting as one of my hosting providers.

    Total Idiots is a blog I have with A2hosting. It may give you an idea of the response time for a web site. It seams pretty peppy to me. There are only 86 domains on this server at last look. I have been with A2hosting for only a month so I don't know what they will be like for the long term. But so far I have been happy with the service they have provided.

    I would contact both hosting providers and ask them if anime would pose any problems e.g. TOS, copyright issues, system resource concerns.....

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