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    Can someone please help?

    All I'm simply looking for is a reliable host (something like, but one that also allows you to get multiple domains on one account (like, offeres PHP, cgi bin, etc. Also, the price should at least be under $100.

    I'm in Canada, so does anyone know of any good Canadian domain hosting sites? American will do as well.

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    In other words you are looking for a reseller account.

    You should post in the 'Web Hosting Requests' forum. However, if you are looking for suggestions, almost 90% of the hosts out there fit your requirement. I am currently hosted with AcuNett Web Services, located at . You might want to look at them a bit.
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    And no matter what I post on this board, I keep getting told to go to another part of the board. It's very hard to find help here.

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