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    FTP Question - Limiting types of Access

    Hello, Is it possible to setup ftp accounts that have the ability for the users to view files on the server and upload their own files, but not download anything from the server? If so, how would this be done, if not, then as a 2nd option, do most hosting companies provide the option to disallow downloads on an ftp account if you need to do so, but allow uploads?

    Appreciate your comments.

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    Should be able to disable listing on the box it self.
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    What are you using to manage FTP access?

    Any particular control panel?
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    I have done this before using proftpd and LIMIT. I have not tested the following code since I don't have proftpd at this moment. Open your proftpd configuration file and append this code to the end of it. Don't forget to restart your proftpd server.

    BTW, I'm not aware of any other ftp server that has this feature .. if anyone here is aware of another one, please let me know.


    PHP Code:
     # directory where you want to allow the user to upload files :
    <Directory /home/secFilterEngine/wht>
    # Deny everything :
    <Limit ALL>
    # Allow one user to login and deny everyone else :
    # you can apply this rule to a group using AllowGroup
    <Limit LOGIN>
    AllowUser Webtender
    # allow uploading ( stor and stou ) and listing the directory ( list and nlist ).
    # they will be able to upload and see the files but not downloading them.
    # in fact, they wont be able to CHMOD, DELETE , CWD ..etc

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    Re: limit FTP Access

    AH, thanks very much for the code. I will see if I can get a spare box with proftp on it to try this out. It's very good news though that this can be done.

    Right now, the box I was possibly going to use has Pure FTP on it, not Pro, but I can check to see if there's a way that this could be changed.

    In the interim if anyone knows if this same thing could be done with Pure FTP please let me know.

    I was also possibly considering getting another server setup as a shared possibly reseller account just to handle some extra ftp accounts that I need to use, but I don't know if any of the shared or reseller hosts would provide this option. I'll post in the other section to inquire about that, and again thanks for your very informative post and quick help in this matter.

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