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    [FOR HIRE] TechSupport, System Admin, Manager

    Do You Run a Hosting company? Need help with it? Looking to hire a 100% dedicated staff member who doesn't cost much to pay? Looking for the best of the best? Look NO FUTHER!

    Offering my services,

    Hello All, I have decided to step foward and offer my services. I hold a master's degree in eCommerce, Web design and IT engineering from the University of Fredericton. I have along online history, with jobs at MGS HostingServices LLC, The FBox Network, etc.

    Looking for a position in one of the following fields:

    Live Technical Support
    Tech Support Level I, II and III
    Account Setup
    Forum Admin
    Forum Moderator
    Forum Coding/Scripting
    Windows Systems Admin
    Linux Systems Admin
    Install Services
    Public Relations
    IT engineering
    Web Design Services
    and more.

    Summary of qualifications

    Six Years In Webhosting
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Fireworks 8 CS3
    Adobe Flash 8 CS3
    Adobe Dream weaver CS3
    Microsoft Office
    Forum Management
    Linux Servers
    Window Servers
    Cpanel 11
    Cpanel 9
    Web Host Manager
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    What are your rates?

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    Well I dont have a flat hour rate, as Im looking to make some extra dough for my domains, sites, etc

    Its up to the person who hires me to decide with me.

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    do you want a flat fee or per ticket?
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    I have a site with a high server load you you be able to help reduce this?
    This is a message i got from my host:
    "When I first went to the site to troublshoot it was locked up once again with the memory graphs maxed out. I restarted it and watched it for over 2 hours until the usage slowly climbed to 1500, looking to be on a steady trend up. There are currently 81 live processes under your freeshit user typically using 15MB of RAM each. That would be 81 processes with 101 connections. It seems like there is likely a lot that could be done to cache your code so that PHP processes aren't triggered to eat up RAM and efficiently die each time they are triggered b a page load. I would suggest auditing your sites code to make it use caching so so many processes aren't spawned."

    PM me if you can


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    do you want a flat fee or per ticket?
    Doesnt matter, What ever the employee chooses

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    The no reply does that mean you cant do it?

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