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    Another SmartPhone Post....

    I've been in the market for a new SmartPhone recently and haven't been able to find one that meets my exact requirements. When I'm out of the office or house, I'm usually tethering my laptop to my V3 via bluetooth and and using it to get on line for whatever issues may be on hand. I receive emails 24x7 whenever new tickets are escalated to me, and also when various business functions or servers/services fail. My V3 splits those messages into multiple parts, making a single email (imap) turn into multiple pieces... This was only after a firmware update a few months ago. That has made me look for an altogether better solution..

    The things I am looking for... Correct me on these if, for instance, 3g isn't all it was hyped up to be.

    1) I would really like a full qwerty keyboard since I do a ton of work over SSH. It would be really nice not to have to pull out my laptop when I'm out and about. I also would be interested in how a touchscreen (aka iPhone) keyboard would work for this. (must have SSH clients avail.)
    2) Storage capability (2gb-8gb) via either SD or built-in (and media player)
    3) 3g (the dealbreaker?)
    4) Nice calendaring and email client (imap support)
    5) Wifi
    6) Small and lightweight
    7) Work on Cingular's GSM network
    8) Synchronize with OSX
    9) Good battery life (4hr+ talk)
    10) GPS (afterthought)

    I have looked into the iPhone, and here are the cons I've found with it:
    1) No 3g
    2) No GPS
    3) No full query keyboard (see above?)
    4) Reviews complain about limited functionality compared to other solutions

    I'm also looking at the Blackberry 8320
    1) Only Curve with Wifi
    2) No GPS (?, 8310 has it?)
    3) Unfamiliar OS - Looks impressive though
    4) No touchscreen (Don't think I really care)
    5) I don't know if the email client supports IMAP. I don't use Groupware or Exchange...
    6) Cingular stores don't carry it
    7) No 3g

    I'm also looking at the Blackberry 8820
    1) #3,#4,#5, &#7 from the 8320

    EDIT: I've also read that the Blackberrys don't hold up particularly well...

    The Nokia N95
    1) Not carried locally
    2) Looks a little bulkier
    3) I'll never use the camera, which is one of its main strongpoints
    4) Unfamiliar OS - Looks impressive though
    5) No full qwerty keyboard (see above?)

    The Blackberry 9000 series is supposed to be out soon, but nobody really knows what it's going to have... I'm not fond of Windows Mobile, although I only used it on the Blackjack with 5.0.. Also, I'd like to stay under $500.
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    I just bought a HP 614c and I love it but it doesn't have a keyboard and is a little more than I think you wanted to spend. I used to have a hw6510 with the full keypad but didn't find myself using it much.

    Here's the best resource I've found for searching for phones: Also, I'm not sure what 3g technically stands for, I thought it was a generic term for third generation which could mean EDGE, UMTS or HSDPA.

    If you find a good ssh client for WM6 let me know, I need to get one installed as well.


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