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    Graduate student in Boston Univ. seeking ASP/JSP/Remote Admin part time jobs

    Hi All, I am Michael. Wang. I am a computer major graduate student in Boston University and a 5 year experienced Asp/Jsp programmer. In summer time, I hope I can find some programming job to pay my incoming dedicated server(I developed a non-profit website for boston students).
    I can work 9.00$/hour for programming.

    Detailed resume on request by reply

    PM me or send email to [email protected]


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    hay i am from boston university too!!!

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    We are looking for an asp programmer, please email your CV.

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
    Server Centre Limited (
    Exchange 2007 Hosting, Windows/Linux Hosting

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    hi jhcashman, Nice to meet you!! Boston is so hot these days. I have to hide in Mugar Lib every day

    Hi isolsdotnet
    Sorry I am kind of newbie here, can u tell me what is CV? I will send you my resume and project list tonight . Thanks

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    CV = resume

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
    Server Centre Limited (
    Exchange 2007 Hosting, Windows/Linux Hosting

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    this guy is GOOD.. he came up with a solution we were looking for in the same day we asked him

    u wont be disappointed with oasisland
    I have servers at: NetDepot/GNAX (A), SoftLayer (A), LiquidWeb (B+), DedicatedNow (B+), Nectartech (B) and more!

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    Hi Michael,
    Tell more about you.

    Is it just ASP and Java? What kinda backend you work on? Is your skillsets limited only to microsoft tools?

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    Hello Archie2
    Typically I worked on environment like this
    1.Asp+Sqlserver7/2000 in windows platform

    2.Jsp/Servlet+Db2/Mysql on either Linux/Aix or Windows Platform

    Jsp application server I used Websphere,Jrun,Tomcat,Resin. But if you ask my preference, Resin is the best.

    I am an IBM certified DB2 database solution Expert.

    Interdev/Jbuilder/Forte for Java/Homesite/Dreamwaver ultradev/vi

    just FYI

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