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    Cobalt raq550's now avaliable has Cobalt Raq550's avaliable
    they are 199.00 a month for 500 gigs of bandwidth
    there is no setup fee
    the system specs are
    .:. 1GHz Intel Pentium III processor
    .:. 256MB of RAM on initial install
    .:. It comes with a 30GB internal hard drive
    .:. Unlimited email addresses
    .:. Integrated developer tools (ASP and PHP support)


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    500 GB transfer? what providers?

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    Where is the location of your datacenter?

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    is this tier1 bwidth?

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    our datacenter is located in Edmonton Alberta Canada
    the bandwidth is provided by Telus Communications, Sprint, and Shaw Communications. i do not believe in the strickest sense of the word they are tier 1 however if you ask any of them they woudl say otherwise


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    You might want to review some other posts before jumping on this great raq offer:

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