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    Unhappy offshore merchant account


    i am in a country which is not supported in paypal to accept money just sending is allowed...

    so that i am searching for a good "not scam/rippers" offshore merchant/bank accounts...

    so can someone please help by providing a list of a known company which is old in this that i can work with them without worrying ??

    what i need is a way to let customers pay through my hosting company directly online through paypal/2chechout or such a thing...

    thats why i am looking for a merchant account offshore company


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    Multicards, PSBill, ChronoPay, Worldpay, 2Checkout just to mention some.
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    i am talking about getting offshore merchant account so that i can use it with my webhosting services...

    i mean that i dont either have a company so how to get offshore one in countries which has full features in paypal...

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    it is possible to get merchant account in countries like Panama, but you need minimum os $20000 processing per month
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    Form Offshore Company First in Belize

    First you gotta incorporate an offshore company.

    I suggest forming an offshore IBC company in Belize and get an account with BelizeBank. You can get some info on this at

    Hopefully this helps.

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    I know quite a few foreign hosting providers using 2Checkout without any problems.
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