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    Unlimited Domains - WHM


    This is probably a really nooby question and its probably in the wrong place so i do apologize. I recently bought a dedicated server with WHM/cPanel, Using the root account, i have created a reseller account from where i will do my web selling. OK, so the problem is, i want to sell packages were someone can host unlimited domains. How would i go about doing that? giving them reseller acess?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi, in your reseller account using WHM edit the packages or add packages and edit the line that says Max Addon domains and change it to read unlimited to give them the ability to host unlimited domains on a single account.

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    I believe in WHM there when selecting how many domains they can have there is a little box next to it where you can check unlimited.
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    By default, resellers can create unlimited domains. However, you can verify if a reseller can create unlimited domains by going to the Reseller Center and editing their privileges. Ensure the checkbox next to "Limit the total number of accounts _ can create" where _ is the reseller's username is unchecked. If it is unchecked, they can create an unlimited number of accounts.

    For more "unlimited" features you can permit, scroll down to "Packages Creation" where you can set if the reseller him/herself can create accounts with certain quotas set to unlimited.
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    Thank you very much!

    I have found the addon domains and have sorted out the reseller section

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