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    Price Comparison Websites - HELP!

    Does anyone know how price comparison sites work - they submit your details to loads of different websites and find you the cheapest site, yes? But do they need to cooperation of the companies that they check to get the price or is there some clever coding that goes through all these websites to get the quotes?

    Lets just say I was setting up a price comparison website for car insurance (I'm not) - would I need to contact all the insurance companies individually and be like "I'm setting up a website, can I have your cooperation" and they would give me access to their quoting system or is there some sort of system that basically inputs all the information to all the different websites, compares the prices and returns the results for the user of the website?

    Obviously I'd need to get in touch with the individual companies anyway to sort out commissions, but I want to know exactly how this works.


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    Hopefully someone can help you with information.

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