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    Locked out - now what???

    After adding a virtual site and accidentally giving it the same ip-address as my home pc, I got locked out of the server from home. No more http, no more ssh, no nothing.
    Thank goodness I still have my "old" ISP account, a dialup one with a fixed ip-address. If I dialup I can reach my server again. YAY!

    My regular ip-address (and the dialup one for that matter) is in /etc/hosts.allow, in portsentry.ignore, and ipchains has been set to always allow. So no matter what, I should always have access, right?!

    I removed the new virtual site by hand, removed the group account, restarted httpd. No luck
    I checked /etc/hosts.deny, my ip is not listed there.
    I used ipchains -L, my ip is allowed
    I checked all kinds of portsentry.blocked files, my ip is not there.

    What else can I check/do???

    And what the h*** happened? Why did I get locked out?
    Hmm, what does this do... Oops!

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    reboot the server.

    There were some cases where we had IP conflicts on the raq and other servers (ya stupid dedicated clients on the same class C which think its funny to to add an ip to their aliasing)
    and the IP just dies (timeouts) from the raq and by restarting httpd, it doesnt work. A full reboot usually does the trick in fixing things.

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