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    * Bluehost (Matt Heaton) gives back to the community

    The problem is that for whatever reason MySQL CAN NOT give us the proper detailed usage statistics we need. Breakdowns by user, and rows affected by user, and ACCURATE cpu time used by user (Not including wait times for blocked IO devices) simply doesn’t exist for MySQL.
    First, there are some patches that give some of these capabilities to the MySQL server. However, they aren’t actively maintained and they can’t be applied cleanly to the newest code bases of MySQL. As of today I have decided to have these patches picked up by paid developers and cleaned up and maintained so that they will work for current and future versions of MySQL. I will continue to pay to have these maintained and updated to serve the community as a whole. I will release the patches to the public so all can benefit from these changes (Even though they probably should be withheld as a competitive advantage for Bluehost and Hostmonster).
    Thanks Matt.
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    (Even though they probably should be withheld as a competitive advantage for Bluehost and Hostmonster).
    Of course if a few other significant developers in the world thought like this, he'd still be developing the software needed to run his business and not using the already created GPL versions of mySQL, Linux, Apache, etc.

    Still, cheers to him for giving back to the community.

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    Always nice to see someone give back to the community. Bravo!

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    Which community is he giving back to?
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    The small non-overselling community I guess?

    I really see no gain in this

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-e-mouse View Post
    Which community is he giving back to?
    The ones who want to charge users for mysql process time & database storage space and dont have the wherewithall to already know how to do it, or even a control panel that includes it already
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