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    * Need your advice about a vbulletin forum

    Hi all

    i know that i am new here

    but can i have your advice

    first of all we are a medical vbulletin forum

    not large right now

    database 160 mb
    Threads: 9,668, Posts: 109,666, Members: 5,344
    median online users 20-50 users
    24 hours users 200-300 user per day

    we are on an arabic hosting of 1.5 Gigabytes

    we only consume 300 mb

    i want to move to an other company as we are going to upload lots of files accounting for about 70 Gigabytes of medical books

    i am just worried that after the upload of the files the forum will grow extensively and the new host will kick me out (by the way we are now not making any problem with the current host)

    i thought about and

    but some people warned me that they kick their clients as soon as your site grows and becomes famous

    i want your advice about this dilemma ????

    Thanks a lot


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    You probably need to get Virtual Private Server (VPS). That means you'll be able to use guaranteed resources. A dedicated server is still not an option for you unless you want to have one.
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    can you get me any quite cheap ones

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    A VPS will be considerably more expensive than the prices you're seeing at Hostmonster and Servage. Think $40+ per month for an entry level managed VPS.

    about 70 Gigabytes of medical books
    Just a bit of advice. If, by any chance, you don't have the right to distribute this material (or part of it), you'll get in trouble with just about any host out there, as soon as someone reports you.

    i want your advice about this dilemma ????
    Pure file transfer (mp3s, pdfs, jpegs etc ) don't use much in terms of CPU. But your forum, with its levels of activity, might create issues in a filled to the brim shared hosting environment.

    Also, keep in mind that Servage has a 400k hits per day limit. (any file request is a hit, and one page view could mean tens of hits).

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    With 70GB you might actually be looking at a server instead of a VPS. I haven't seen many hosts that offer VPS with about 70GB of diskspace.
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