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    Forum Posters Required


    I am looking for forum posters for Web Hosting Forum.

    I will pay $15 for 100 posts and 15 new threads started there.

    Criteria & Payout
    I will pay $15 for this.
    Need 100 postings + 15 new threads.
    Each post must be 30 words minimum.
    30 Posting a day allowed.
    Payment through Paypal only.
    If interested, pl. register over there and PM me your userid.

    Offer is valid for members registered before 5th April.


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    Aug 2006
    I am interested, Please check the link in my signatures.

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    Hey There
    I'm already posting on your other forum, I'll start on this one, can you PM me if there are any extra specs, otherwise i'll get started now.
    George Pearce | Get Started Blogging
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