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    QMail help

    Hello all,

    I have a Qmail server that is using

    As you probaly know this shut down two years ago. But is now sending all requests as spam. No one is recieving there emails.

    this a Standard Qmail,with a hacked qmail-send witch intergrates with Mysqld.

    is not installed with qmailroks, or supervise. Can't find the config text file.

    how can we remove traces or referrences to relays

    Thanks your help.

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    I am pretty sure it would be in your qmail config file. Just remove it and restart qmail and that should fix it.

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    That's the whole point. I can't find the qmail config files! There doesn't seem to be any human readable file which configures qmail... i think it may be compiled into qmail itself...

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    It is a configuration option - a quick RTFM points to rblsmtpd and others, including:
    I think the server saw what was required of it and just committed suicide instead.

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    As I didn't install qmail on these servers, and don't have access to the guys that did, I'm going blind here...

    But, I did find the source for rblsmtpd... I could only find the file under the /usr/src/ucspi-tcp-0.88-noident-1.00/ folder.... there's no other instance of it on the server.

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    This RBL was declared EOL back in 2006; so I'm surprised people were still trying to use it.

    That stated, check /var/qmail/control/rblhosts

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for the help dynamicnet! Unfortunately the only instance of rblsmtpd is found in the source folders, /usr/src/ucspi-tcp-0.88-noident-1.00/ folder.

    Is it a possiblity to have this reference to the written into a customer qmail-smtp executable?

    heres a bit more info that might help

    There's nothing that resembles /service/qmail-smtp/run... All the qmail stuff is installed at /var/qmail/bin For example: /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd, /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qstat etc...

    The server is running Linux Kernal 2.4.22 (gcc version 3.2.3) in a slackware distro.

    Qmail looks to be: qmail-1.03-cluster-1.05.

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    when I grep for it only seems to appear in qmail-smtp.... so it looks like i'll need to recompile from src without the references to the database

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    Anything is possible. It simply isn't normal to hard-code remote addresses into anything.

    Are you sure the blackist is being used by qmail-smtpd? Blacklists might also be used in qmail-scanner or Spamassassin.

    Did you grep qmail-smtpd? No matter how it was installed, there has to be a script to load qmail-smtpd when a connection comes in on port 25 and that script may give you more info.

    In any case, if your Qmail install is as out of date and non-standard as it sounds, you may be doing yourself a favor to cleanly re-install it in a more conventional manner.
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    Try the following: find / -type f -exec grep "" {} \; -print That will give you a list of any files that contain "".
    I think the server saw what was required of it and just committed suicide instead.

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    The following is something else to check if you're running tcpserver (probably are if you're running qmail).

    see if it's in /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.qmail-smtp

    If so, backup the file, edit it, then run 'make' in that directory to rebuild the tcp.qmail-smtp.cdb

    Then restart qmail.

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    Probably it can't be this easy, but on my installation you'd want to look in




    as someone above said. But again, since you've grepped through all the files it's probably not that easy. Thought I should mention though just in case.

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