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    how to partion drive

    im assembling my server now....waiting on the 90degree connectors. It is as follows:

    SUPERMICRO CSE-512L-260B Black 14" Mini 1U Server Case
    ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Brisbane 2.2GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor
    Dynatron A48G 70mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler - Retail
    2gb ddr2 6400 ram
    Seagate 500gb 7200.11 32mb hdd
    WD 37gb raptor 10k rpm

    the wd drive was lying around the house so i figured id add it since i had an extra slot and figured the speed wouldnt hurt.

    My question should i partition the drives.??? I have 500+gb of space on 2 hard drives. I plan on using centos 5.1 and am downloading the iso now.

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    You sound like you know what your doing, the partition manager within the install package is relatively easy to understand. Google is your friend
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