I am looking for a flexible colocation provider who offers reboots, remote hands and secured racks in NYC, LA and Washington. 30A is an absolute minimum per full rack.

For NYC (or NJ), we would need a darkfiber or vlan to Switch&Data(111 8th Avenue),Telx (60 Hudson Street) or Telehouse(25 Broadway) (for our upstream).

As for Washington, we will need a darkfiber or vlan to Equinix (Filigree Court 21715).

And finally for LA, we need a darkfiber or vlan to Equinix (600 West 7th Street) Or CRG West (One wilshire).

We are looking for a competitive but true colocation provider (must be the core business), but at the same time, not too far from one of the POP's due to the added vlan/fiber costs.

If anyone has recommendations or insight in the aproximate cost for the racks and vlan/fiber, do let me know.

We are looking to order multiple racks and will be considering Chicago, Miami and Atlanta soon aswell.