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Thread: Dark Fiber

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    Dark Fiber

    Has anyone looked into getting dark fiber verse going direct with a transport provider? How much does dark fiber cost compared to say a Gig-E transport line? What kind of equipment is needed on each end of the fiber, and how much does this equipment cost? At what point does a provider look for dark fiber verse getting transport for a Lit provider?

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    Depends on the situation, but yes, we have looked into it. Oddly enough prices for dark fiber have risen dramatically (at least in our market, can't comment on others) over the past few years. In fact it has more than doubled since 2004/5.

    As for equipment, you just need something that can light it. At the low end a pair of switches with a fiber interface will do the trick.

    Our threshold for dark fiber vs transport is when the circuit in question requires traffic that exceeds what at transport provider can support.
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    Dark fibre pricing is considerably more than transport pricing because of its capability, you may be renting a 100mbps L2 circuit but a single fibre pair is able to handle around 400x that.

    In addition prices are rising because communications companies don't want to sell to customers who will then go and undercut them and steal their lucrative contracts.

    Equipment wise, as has been said you can light with basic ethernet GBICs over a short distance, read up on the specs of each respective standard as the distance is different. Long distance you will need specialist equipment which is very expensive, same applies if you want to run over 10Gbps since you'll require DWDM multiplexing kit at each end, etc.


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    Lit services with XO has become so cheap it may not be worth it to go thru all that trouble. We now have some dark fiber and may choose to drop it if the renewal price isn't low enough.

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    How much does XO charge for transport? Care to share? (PM me if you prefer, thanks).
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