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    how to config my domain ???

    Please move this post if I posted on wrong box .

    I have a domain, ex: at godaddy, I changed nameserver to,, .

    Now I order a shared hosting at bluehost, I should change nameserver to, to make it works .

    But I want keep the nameserver ....

    So how I config my domain in everydns control panel to let my domain work on bluehost ????

    Is it able ??



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    You'd keep your current settings and just ensure that the easydns settings have the A record point to your IP on them. You should really ask your host for help if there's anything specific, and they'll be the one's giving you the IP(s) you need to know anyway.

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    Thanks for your reply

    now I have recore by default: Type: A value:
    host:w w Type:CNAME value:

    so what recore should I creat ???
    The bluehost have ip :


    note: w w w because need more five posts to post url

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    The A record for should have a value of
    The CNAME record for should have a value of

    In other words, replace with and replace with

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