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    Command Line Insatllation of .pkg?

    Is there a way to install a .pkg from the command line? I was installing a .pkg and my raq running raq4 software appeared to have hung. I rebooted and blew away openssl (at the very least), so I can not get into the admin panel.

    I was able to comment out openssl in the httpd.conf and get httpd to start. I only have one ssl site on the machine, but would like to be able to manage the machine.

    If not, can someone point me in the directon of the necessary rpms from zeffie's

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    Can any one help at all? Zeffie?

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    It appears that Zeffie has been banned here, and his own forum is on moderation, so who knows?

    On CentOS+BQ/Raq550 systems you can run /usr/sausalito/sbin/, but on Raq4s, I'm not sure.

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    Zeffie is banned? Huh. He's always been a good resource to me.

    Here's what I found. There's a command /usr/local/sbin/cobalt_upgrade pkg_name.pkg that can be run as root. In that same directory is /usr/local/sbin/cobalt_uninstall pkg_name.pkg, in case you need to uninstall from the command line.

    I was successfully able to install the pkg and everything is good.


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    Zeffie may not be back for awhile, if at all.
    Glad you found your fix. is still there, as is his Cobalt ISO website.
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    @bathrick: what version of centos were you running? I'm also trying to install a pkg file from the command line and I'm running centos 4.8 on a raq4 but it doesn't recognise the command 'cobalt_upgrade'. Can you give any more info?

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