I wouldn't bother you guys with the details of the entire affair, but basically I found myself running out of storage space really badly one day after adding more domains to my account (my bad ) and really needed to get some files online asap. So I opened a support ticket with Alwayswebhosting and within an hour, got a reply from their guy with a walkthrough on how to upgrade the plans. Simple and to the point. Only trouble was that they were migrating to direct CC billing and away from Paypal. My problem was that my new CC was undergoing processing and I've yet to receive it, so I emailed back asking for their advice on my situation.

Guess what? Within a matter of minutes I got the storage space of my account boosted up to the upgraded plan's limits, thereby allowing me to do the necessary uploads. Not only that, the next day I got all the Paypal issues sorted out nicely for me. My old subscription was cancelled, and a new one generated so I didn't have to go digging around for that old subscription bill. They had done their best in this by acting in good faith and upgrading my account for me even before I made the necessary payment because I did inform them that I needed it asap, although I didn't state how asap it should be

Great customer service, even greater response time, and really friendly and helpful support staff. Need I say more? Yeah, I got my domains setup done real fast as well! I'm definitely sticking with these guys for sometime to come