From now until August 31st, will be offer 30% off to all WHT members who order before the set date, August 31st. Thus, lowering the prices from $20 /yr to $95 /yr and bringing it down to $14 /yr to $67 /yr.

$14 a year or $3.95 a month
50MB of space
2GB of traffic
2 MySQL Databases
30 Email Addresses

$28 a year or $5.95 a month
80MB of space
4GB of traffic
5 MySQL Databases
150 Email Addresses

$49 a year or $9.95 a month
200MB of space
8GB of traffic
7 MySQL Databases
300 Email Addresses

$67 a year or $12.95 a month
500MB of space
10GB of traffic
12 MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Addresses

All packages include: Unlimited forwarders, Unlimited auto responders, Unlimited alias, Ensim Control Panel, Web Statistics, Raw Data Logs, SSH, Telnet, CGi Perl and PHP, Multiple FTP accounts, Miva Merchant shopping cart, Web Mail access, Spam Filters, Weekly backups.

Offered by, Kyle ([email protected])

Price change only takes effect if you are a WHT member and make an annual purchase.