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    Need legal advice

    Can anyone tell me where I stand on this.

    For some time I have been with Energized Hosting and they have been good. Recently I assume by changes to their site they have been taken over by Pugmarks.

    Nearly two weeks ago all my sites went down. When I opened a support ticket I was told that the server had been taken down for mandatory security checks. Days later with all sites still down they said the server crashed. After about a week my sites were back on line with loads of problems.

    When I posted a ticket listing the problems they fixed one thing and closed the ticket. I tried reposting each problem separately in the ticket thread. They fixed one thing and closed the ticket again.

    I then posted each of the main problems in separate tickets.

    One site was almost working right and people were posting in my forums, uploading pictures etc. Then they uploaded a week old database backup wiping out all the new posts. I ask why the hell they did that, got no reply. People started posting again and a few days later they uploaded the same now 10 day old database wiping out all new posts again.

    At this point I lost it. I told them to stop trying to fix my sites. I will do it myself and find another hosting company.

    I have recently paid for the next year's hosting.

    Today I cannot log into the control panels of any of my sites. I suspect they have intentionally locked me out of my sites.

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    That could be the case and hopefully is not true. I would personally play the game with them saying "you changed your mind about leaving" and backup up your data asap.

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    Have you tried contacting them by phone so that they can't ignore your questions?

    USA Corporate Office

    Pugmarks Inc.
    1717 Park Street, Suite 110
    Naperville, Illinois 60563


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    I'd keep bugging them until you are able to download all your data, find another host, then fight with them about the money.

    How long ago did Pugmarks take them over?

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    From their legal page:

    Account cancellations
    Your account can be cancelled ONLY by submitting secure service cancellation form. Other methods of cancellation are not valid. Once the form submitted account will be cancelled within 60 minutes.
    Gees these guys don't mess around on canceling an account.

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    Thanks guys. I don't care about canceling the account or that I recently paid in advance for the next year. I can use it to park domains and for small sites without databases where everything is backed up. I just want to get the active sites out of there as fast as possible.

    I have already lost a good customer and closed down two sites due to the problems they caused. It is likely I will have to close my business entirely.

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    I haven't tried calling them yet. I am in Hong Kong and will be in the Philippines in a day or two where international calls are difficult.

    I don't know when or for sure if, Pugmarks took over. I just saw the Pugmarks logo added to the Energized hosting trouble ticket system.

    I have had good hosting companies turn into nightmares twice before when they were taken over so I am assuming that's what happened here.

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    Not sure where you going with your thread title about legal advice. However, it's always wise to keep your own backups. That way you don't have to trust the hosting company to provide them to you.

    Just keep contacting and ask for your account to be activated (and as soon as it is, get the data off). Hope you'll be able to get it resolved and your sites saved.

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    Legally I am just thinking that I could threaten legal action to claim for damages.

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    I doubt you could do anything as you stated you are in Hong Kong and they are in the USA. If you took them to your local court they would not have to show up nor any judgment be honored since it's a different country. Sorry buddy. Usually even if you go with a local host, the TOS states they are not responsible for any acts by employees, downtime, loss of business, revenue etc..

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    Well I guess it comes down to "whatever they do to my business I can do to theirs if I choose to"

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