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    Dedicated Hosting: MediaTemple, 1and1, or someone else?

    I run a development/consulting business that hosts several sites that are all over the map traffic wise (anywhere from 30 visitors a day to thousands).

    I have been getting by with MediaTemple's Grid-Service and have been overall pleased with them, but it's clear it's time to upgrade to a more dedicated solution. Specific pain points include:

    • MySQL memory limits reached with exporting thousands or records through a web app
    • Inability to install the latest bug-tracking apps like Trac because of old versions of Python or MySQL
    • Inability to have SSL on multiple sites under one account.

    Even with multiple sites, we have not touched any limits traffic or storage wise, just with memory using MySQL. A key selling point for using the Grid was its theoretical ability to scale for traffic spikes, and we have not had problems because of high traffic.

    Key requirements we're placing a premium on in a managed-dedicated solution:

    • Ability to have up-to-date versions of PHP, Python, or MySQL or be able to install them ourselves, but not necessarily to be on our own in terms of having to do all updates ourselves.
    • I don't want to be restarting Apache every 15 minutes, or every day, or ever, really . My only trepidation with going with a dedicated solution is the sense that we'd be on our own more when it comes to traffic spikes or an app not behaving quite as it should. Is this an unwarranted fear?
    • More flexibility for our memory issues.
    • Backup included.

    Having been a long-time MediaTemple customer, I've looked at their Dedicated Virtual server, but am somewhat concerned at the lack of backup support. We are also looking at 1and1 closely.

    Does anyone have comparative perspective on MT and 1and1, or any other large host we should be looking at?

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    Those are not the most popular names around here, usually people aren't that impressed with their services. Search for both on the site, and read the reviews. Mediatemple appears to be overselling their resources so we will need to know what kind of resources you are actually using to provide more in depth recommendations.

    It appears that you will need a fully managed provider for your dedicated server. If you have a large budget Rackspace ( is known to be a good fully managed provider, but you do pay for it. Steadfast ( and AxisHost ( also provide fully managed servers and have a good reputation around here.

    You could also order a server from a provider that doesn't have fully managed services and hire the services of a third party. Steadfast (, Softlayer (, and recently LimestoneNetworks ( have been getting good reviews. There are plenty more in the offers section but search for reviews before renting from any of the companies. I listed most of the larger ones that have a good reputation here but there are plenty of other good ones.

    For the management plenty of people have opinions on this, check this forum out.

    Well I hope I could help, best of luck .

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    I agree with biggerboy, your options are not well options really all of those listed and serverbeach, dedicatednow.

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    Thanks for the initial feedback. Keep it coming!

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