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    Need a host with reliable customer support


    Need advise as for the hosting compay with really good customer sevice, as I am a bit new in hosting and I might need the assistance at first, so can you recommend any?

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    Go to the offers section:

    Pick a few hosts you like and contact their support and see if they provide you with good customer service.
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    HostMonster / Bluehost have excellent customer support.
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    It's not clear if you are becoming a host (looking for dedicated or VPS/Reseller) or looking for a host for your first web site.
    It's easy to check the support of a host for a web site. Contact some with the type questions you think you would have or issues you might run into as a "newbie" and ask how they help with those (their policies & average response times). These days most of us have some form of automated help for common things as well as regular "support" options (most any "real" host will).

    If you want to become a host and are looking to start with a reseller/VPS or small dedicated I'd recommend HostForWeb for excellent response & "tech" support as well as a great user community on forums that covers a lot of "not really tech support" type stuff.
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    Do you have any idea of what budget you might have for hosting ? Cause according to requirements you might get be thrown on the right path by some wise hosting wizard !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energizer Bunny View Post
    Do you have any idea of what budget you might have for hosting ? Cause according to requirements you might get be thrown on the right path by some wise hosting wizard !!
    Well, I guess that would be around $20-$30 per month.

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    I advice you to be careful with your pick. There are a lot greedy hosting providers nowadays. They seduce you with the fact that they provide you with 24/7 support but sometimes it is only server related (server down, service down) and not customer oriented. There are also many companies that offer you good support and help. As suggested above, go ahead and ask direct questions. For example: Will you help me designing my site, will you help me setting up my emails, will you help me creating ftp accounts, etc.

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    i'd go with start logic, i had experience with them and they are great

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    Hostgator always answered to all my questions. But if you want to go with a more smaller company, I would try They always help me out, they go above and beyond. They assist with almost anything. I would recommend to go with them as they you with respect. -- Discover the latest Electronic Dance Music

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    you budget is relatively high, depending on how much disk/bandwidth you are looking for. if you could clarify that, it will be a lot easier for members here to recommend a host.

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    I've been with namecheap for their hosting and been with their service for 6 months and my support questions are answered at a timely manner (15-20 minutes).

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    Dreamhost was awesome in explaining everything too me when I just started. They don't have live chat... or phone support unless you pay extra. Their email system is VERY VERY fast. I got most replies in 20-30 minutes. Sales gave me replies even sooner.

    Hostgator is a very good second, they have an actual industry standard webmail and control panel. They also have good support.

    Expect perfect uptime with hostgator and not so perfect with dreamhost.
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    Beside good customer support, you need a host that provide good uptime. It is not a simple task picking a host these days since they are alot of them around. Do spend some time on research and find a good 'home' for your website.
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    i'd go with start logic, i had experience with them and they are great
    When was that exactly? It would help the OP in his research and assessment of the company. Did you use their support extensively, as that seems to be particularly important for the thread starter?

    By the way, should definitely be the next step after getting the name of a few providers. Used carefully (choosing the "search titles only" option when further search focus is necessary, looking for multiple spellings of a company name, say "Start Logic" and "Startlogic" without quotes), it can be a real treasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by micksss View Post
    HostMonster / Bluehost have excellent customer support.
    I am glad your experience with them has been good.

    How ever everyones experience is different. Read about my experience with Bluehost.

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    I have had very reliable service from Downtownhost.

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    I keep hearing great things about Innohosting, and Rameen was helpful when I had some questions by e-mail.

    Check them out.

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    As Mike suggested, I would recommend you go to the offers section:

    Otherwise, my suggestions would be:

    Infinitie Networks:

    You have a pretty good budget, so I would say do your DD and find one that will best suit your needs.

    I hope my input helps

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    Have you used the companies you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyPenguin View Post
    Have you used the companies you recommend?
    Yes, I tried and was highly impressed, also I have heard a lot of good staff about bluehost. Sometime ago I talked with hostmonster support and they were really quick. I'll keep searching. Thanks a lot for advice and for help!

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    Hosting experience?

    I heard a lot of good things about Bluehost too. That is I heard a lot of good things about Bluehost before I used them. I was with them for two years. My experience with Bluehost was not good. During that time period I had nothing but problems with downtime, email didn't work and other issues. My opinion of Bluehost is very different now than when I first signed up for them. It is highly unlikely I would ever do business with Bluehost again. I give them an F for a web hosting company. Bluehost failed in every aspect of what I was looking for in a web hosting company. Here is more about my experience with Bluehost.

    Everyones experience is going to be different. But unless you have used them you have no experience with them but just a second hand opinion of what you perceive they should be like.

    That is why I asked you if you have actually used them.

    How do you like
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    Take a look at

    Their customer support has been second to none in my opinion.

    I am using them for my business hosting and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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    with $20-30 per month, you can get what you need. there have been many web host that offer good services with competitive prices. just try to have a look at web host reviews

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    I would recommend Hostgator. My personal experience with them is not quite bad. There were some refund issues but at the and of the day that was settled. Anyway, if you have not yet tried host gator just go ahead and try. I think if you type hostgator coupon you can find a ton of code to get discount for host gator. Plus they do provide a money back guarantee. So might as well have a try.

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