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    Shared Hosting Server Specs

    Hello All -

    We are considering getting into Shared Windows web hosting and looking for some advice on server specs used for this.

    We currently only use DELL servers for our Hosted Exchange and SharePoint offerings.

    When looking at Shared Windows hosting I am wondering what you guys use for a shared server.

    How many CPU's and what speed?
    HD's how many, what raid, and how big.
    Local storage or or SAN?
    Redundant power supplys?

    Do you recommend or advise to use SuperMicro servers for shared hosting, seems they may be a bit cheaper.

    Just trying to get a feel for how the shared hosting environment is setup.

    We are not looking to be a cheap host, or do any over selling. Our plans will be something like this below.

    $19.99 /mo
    3 Gb Monthly Transfer Allowance
    300 MB of Data Storage
    25 Email Accounts w/ Web Mail
    MS Access Database

    1. 10 Gb Monthly Transfer Allowance
    2. 1GB of Data Storage
    3.100 Email Accounts w/ Web Mail
    4. ASP, ASP.NET 2.0
    5. Dedicated IP Address
    6. MS Access Database

    1. 25 Gb Monthly Transfer Allowance
    2. 2 GB of Data Storage
    3. 200 Email Accounts w/ Web Mail
    4. ASP, ASP.NET 2.0
    5. Dedicated IP Address
    6. Awstats

    7. MS Access Database
    8. MS SQL Server 2005 (1GB)

    So we would like to have reliable service using equiptment that won;t make this venture cost prohibitive. We currently use the PEM system by Parallels ( Swsoft ) and our deployment requires us to deploy a minimum of 16 servers, so this is a costly proposition if you also include the deployment costs, DC costs etc..

    Any help, info or ideas you can give is greatly appreciated.

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    If you're set on Dell's, I'd look at their new R200's or R300's right now so you can maximize your power consumption to space ratio. A single quad core (look for the newer 2x4MB or 2x6MB cache models and work off performance/upgrade price), 2-4GB of Ram, and 750GB SATA or 300GB SAS (Up to you if you deem raid 1 to be necessary for the cost).

    Don't forget about the Windows Server licensing restrictions, no need to buy more than what your OS license will recognize..

    Redundant power supplies are generally overpriced and not necessary, if you're deploying in volume I'd recommend just keeping a spare PS replacement on hand. Standardize your hard drive size on the servers and keep a couple on-hand replacements available for those too. First thing to fail within your servers life should be the hard drive, most other parts like the PS depend more on the operating conditions of the facility over time.

    Not sure why you'd want or need a SAN, that'd add $30-50k easy depending on the setup, plus fibre cards for each server.

    For 16 servers make sure to negotiate with a sales rep and get some discounts. Each server will still probably run $2k after tax + shipping.

    You could also build a couple dedicated SQL servers and go with PowerEdge 1850's for those with Raid 10, then link them up in Plesk.

    I don't think you'd save much going supermicro for a similar spec'd server, but they have always been more energy efficient. Just do your research and price those out once you total from Dell.

    But in the end just as with the 1000's of other posts on what server to get for shared hosting, no matter what you do standardize or buy it will depend on actual usage by your users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exchangemymail View Post
    Do you recommend or advise to use SuperMicro servers for shared hosting, seems they may be a bit cheaper.
    Supermicro makes great server parts. I'd take a Supermicro server over a Dell server any day.
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    sshepherd - Thanks for the great info. Is raid 1 or raid 10 normal for the hosting industry? I wouldnt do web hosting without some kind of raid, as we all agree the first thing to go is the hard drive..

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    Most of my clients who run shared servers run the following specs (roughly)

    2 x Intel Xeon 5410/5420
    Supermicro Motherboard
    8GB-16GB Ram
    1TB-4TB disk space all in raid 10
    Supermicro Case 1U/2U

    That might help a bit.

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    There is no reason to run PE1850's these days.

    For powerhungry stuff run a PE2950 with up to 8 X 2.5" SAS drives.
    For non powerhungry stuff use R300's

    This is what we plan to do with our PEM install.

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