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    REVIEW: Lost In Space Hosting (LISH)

    Here is my review for Lost In Space Hosting (LISH)

    I have been running my own websites since 1997 and along the way I have had some pretty fly by night providers. Naturally, a webmasters ultimate goal is to find a host that has the features, the speed, the tools, the people with the know how, and of course, the cost. With my previous webhosts, all of them had most of those qualifications, but they tended to miss one or two things. A majority had absolutely awesome prices, but then their tech support or speed was sacrificed.

    On April 2005, I decided I had enough with my previous host's consist downtime and switched over to 'Lost In Space Hosting' (LISH) based on a recommendation from another user. I did and what a huge difference! Josh at LISH is the greatest guy I have ever dealt with; so nice, very professional, and always looking out for you.

    Once I had my account created for, I decided to contact Josh via AIM on how I can get my entire site transferred over relatively easy, and he told me 'Don't worry about it, I got it covered'. 40mins later, I was up and running on LISH. To this day, I can contact Josh with just about anything and he always is there to help me.

    LISH has very fast servers, excellent staff, all the tools you ever need, and best of all, a great price! Currently, I run my own personal site and two reseller accounts off my plan; each saying great things to me about the service. Additionally, I have recommended LISH to several people who again, have nothing but great things to say about them.

    I plan to be with LISH for as long as I ever need a webhost. Thanks LISH!


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    Sounds like hosting heaven over there, which is always great to hear about a provider.

    To validate your review, please send a domain you're hosting with them via, and a moderator will post a confirmation here. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc View Post
    ... and a moderator will post a confirmation here...


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