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    telia - cogent - any hard news?

    Ok, I started a new thread to get away from the political discussion.

    What I want to know is what practical effects are being seen at data centers, and what workarounds have been implemented.

    Let the games begin ...
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    If you're taking full tables from more than one provider, you shouldn't see any effect other than a small amount of traffic shifting away from Cogent; BGP automatically corrects the problem.

    I talked to someone at Cogent and no end is in sight, so those of you who singlehome to Cogent time to think about pulling in backup.
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    The work around would be too simply route traffic through a different provider. Its not an issue for those who are multi-homed or for those who don't rely on Cogents pricing for their business model (which they shouldn't since theres plenty of other providers at the same price now a days)

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