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Thread: Solidhost?

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    Hi all,

    someone knows if there is a problem with them today? Can't even get in my customer portal as the page takes forever to load, same thing with my VPS and my sites.

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    Umm their site seem to be up at my end, cant see any problems

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    Hi Montrealer,

    We haven't experienced any technical problems today, neither on our customer portal, nor on any VPS node. If you are still experiencing problems, please make sure to open a support ticket with a traceroute, then we can investigate whether there's any problems on the route from your ISP to our network (please keep in mind that it can be a problem at the end of your ISP, in which case only they can solve the problem).

    If you are not able to open a support ticket either, then please send me the traceroute (as well as your VPS id or email address) here at WHT through a PM and I'll forward it to our techs.


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