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    web hosting in Brazil

    Does anyone have experience / suggestions?


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    I recommend UOL, not sure if they do dedicated servers though. But they do a LOT of shared hosting.

    BTW; Im a Douglas too!
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    No experience at all. I would recommend you to search in WHT by Brazil hosting related keywords, to go to Brazilian Google as well as in webhostinginfo where you cna find some some BR hosts and ISPs... I also remember that I've seen some Brazilian guys around. Try to find them here.
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    I'm from Brazil, but rent servers on US.

    The offers of dedicated servers are growing here, but expect to pay a lot more on brazilians DCs. I dont have real number, but think around 50% of webhostings here have servers on US

    What specific questions you have?

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    UOL has jus launch (in the end of Feb) his beta website for hosting solutions:

    dedicated servers are only for legal companies in Brazil and the mininum contract term is one year

    they has just bought other two datacenters (digiweb and plugin) and investing to be the largest DC provider in Brazil
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    Hello, i'm Brazilian.

    Here in Brazil we have a brazilian WHT. It's called: www . forumcpanel . com . br

    So, the best hosting companyies in Brazil is:

    www . hostnet . com . br
    www . locaweb . com . br
    www . plugin . com . br

    If you want more hosting companyies url in brazil, send me a PM.


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    my reviews:

    hostnet - good services, average support, but very expensive
    locaweb - poor, poor, ultra expensive
    plugin - was good, with a medium price, now acquired by UOL, let's see what happen...

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    RenatoMN, you're right.

    locaweb is poor but have a lot of customers.

    Do you have msn?


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    i will put this into my sign

    get there.. then i will edit after

    nothing to hide - just planning better the details before launch
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