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    Valueserver Problems

    Hi, I have ordered a server from them 5 days ago and paid it that very day. I still do not have it setup nor are they answering any of my emails. Does anyone know what is going on with them or did I just get scammed?


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    I have not heard of the company before and have you tried any other support methods?

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    The host is

    I have tried all support options to no avail. I found these guys through this forum so not sure why this is happening.


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    Maybe some kind of language barrier?
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    Well like I said they posted their offering here, in english, and their site is in english, one would think if it was a language barrier that they would of still responded. The fact they did not respond is what is troubling considering they already have my money.

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    Remember that the last few days have been easter, which may account for the communications delay - although most good hosting companies have support staff on even over vacations!

    If they haven't answered by the end of the week you might have to see about reclaiming your money - how did you pay (paypal?)
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