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    Question Need a Statistics/Analysis System for Clients sites

    Hello my friends,

    I have been trying to find a good Statistics/Analysis System that allows me to create accounts for my clients so that they can track thier websites statistics in a very nice designed and detailed way.

    I came across VisiStat, and the demo blew me away, it's just great and have exactly what i need.

    The only problem is, the Reseller program is expensive for a starting business and they are not -in need- of me helping them translate thier system into my language...

    So, anything with similiar features would be great, if it has a built in payment/registeration features would be even greater.

    I am intrested in providing such service for my clients on monthly/yearly fee bases and have them receive e-mails with reports and all

    The system ofcourse could be Opensource or Commercial

    I am open for any suggestions!

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    Google Analytics is a best program.

    Try this one....

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    Hey Biju,

    I agree that Google Analytics is great, i use it for my websites. however, i wont be able to charge for it as it is an obivus free service and i dont think there is a way to manage accounts and suspend for example one if the client didnt pay.

    I am thnking about providing this as a free added service to my clients if i cant something that i would use.

    Thanks for the link, i will take a look at it .

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    we use AWStats for many of our clients. its not the best, but you can't beat the price and its pretty easy to configure. we give it to all of our clients as part of their hosting packages. you control the client access either through a .htaccess file or through windows logon credentials depending on what server software you're running.

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    Thanks for the information.

    I'll take a look at AWStats

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    Clicky has a whitelabel program that might fit your needs - check out for details. We've been testing out their service for a few weeks and have been pretty impressed. Might not have the same depth as Google Analytics, but is much closer to real-time stats, and the interface is very easy to use.

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