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    * * SPUNKY HOSTING, A Laid Back Approach! 500 GB Bandwidth! RVSiteBuilder and cPanel!


    So what exactly is Spunky Hosting?
    Spunky Hosting is a laid back approach to hosting around since early 2006. We are and always have been a financially stable company; this means we wont be going anywhere anytime soon. All of our staff have years of experience in the hosting field.

    Here are our paid packages.

    You can read an interview conducted by Webhostdirectory, one of the internet's top hosting directories, here.

    Our 100% current uptime and can be found here.

    So what are people saying about Spunky?!
    (randomly selected reviews)

    "A two min response time on a low ticket..I have never had any host that good!

    Ya'll even had my account set up before paypal sent me the reciept for my payment!

    I used to be a reseller and gave it up the first of the year due to aforementioned issues when signing up with Spunkyhosting.

    I will be sending out an email this afternoon to my former clients telling them about the service I have gotten here. Just don't show me up too bad lol.

    Thank you very much!

    Karen Marburger"
    "I've waited to submit a testimonial to you guys, partly because of lack of time but also because I honestly thought this service would be too good to be true. Its month seven for me and I still have yet to find something to complain about. You've surpassed any expectations I've ever had and I sleep well knowing that I've finally found the perfect host for my company. Keep up the excellent work and I hope you'll soon offer VPS!

    Terry Corpstar, Corpstar Productions LLC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin"
    "I have been with them for well over a year now without any problems. They have always replied quickly to support tickets if I have ever needed to ask a question.

    Highly recommended!

    Heather Wright"
    "Mike, I'm emailing you today to submit my testimonial. You've done an incredible job developing the Spunky Hosting brand and although I have only been with you for about 90 days now I really have enjoyed my stay. Since this was my first website, I had a lot of questions about how to make a website. I'll never forget hearing your friendly response (yet I know you were laughing deep down!) when I asked you why my images didnt was I supposed to know that I needed to upload them! :-P

    Well I think that I've said all there is to say!

    Beth Newingham"

    Spunky Hosting was selected to be the official host of The Majic Webgroup.

    We are also featured in the upcoming Hilltopper Winter Program as a quality host.

    ENOUGH ENOUGH I CANT TAKE IT! Just show me your plans!

    The "Gaelic Storm" Plan
    Space: 15 GB
    Bandwidth: 200 GB
    MySQL: Unlimited
    Subdomains: Unlimited
    Host Unlimited Sites
    Cpanel, Fantastico and WHM
    RV SiteBuilder now included!
    Monthly: $14.99 USD


    The "Hurricane" Plan
    Space: 35GB
    Bandwidth: 500 GB
    MySQL: Unlimited
    Subdomains: Unlimited
    Host Unlimited Sites
    Cpanel, Fantastico and WHM
    RV SiteBuilder now included!
    Monthly: $ 26.99 USD


    To view these plans in detail, visit!

    What kind of support do you provide your paid users?
    -Helpdesk (monitored 24/7/365 by Spunky Staff!)
    -Live Chat
    -Custom Flash tutorials

    *All reseller accounts are setup during regular sales business hours. Our sales dept is open from 8am CST until 11pm CST.

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    Heres answers to the latest FAQ's:

    1) Is the 5.25 monthly (blue1cent coupon code) a trial price or will it increase? If it is a trial price, how long before an increase and how much will the increase be?

    The trial cost is just 1 cent ($0.01 USD), then if you dont cancel by the time the trial is up, then the cost is $5.25 per month for the life of your account.

    2) Is there an obligation for a set term or can I cancel at anytime?

    You can cancel at ANY time.

    3) Can I serve paid ads on this service, because I read somewhere that only paid customers can do this. Would this blue1cent trial be considered a paid service?

    Yes you can do that, no problem.

    4) If I am satisfied with the service can I convert to the 52.50 yearly service by paying the difference?
    Yep, no problem.

    5) Do you have a speed test file?
    Yep, we have an 8mb file available at

    6)What does your suspended page look like?
    While we know that no one would ever need their account to be suspended , this is what it looks like

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