The latest Awstats that comes with CPanel has some very strange results when indicating what country the visitors come from.

Here is the column I get:

Countries Pages Hits Bandwidth
us United States us 193 935 5.25 MB

eu European country eu 34 34 172.12 KB

hk Hong Kong hk 34 34 169.77 KB

nl Netherlands nl 34 34 168.43 KB

ch Switzerland ch 30 30 170.18 KB

es Spain es 3 16 87.84 KB

Unknown Unknown ip 2 2 15.01 KB


The problem I have is that they include European country as origin of the visitor and then they also have Netherlands , Spain, and other European countries.

So where the hell do the the EU ips come from? I would have though it was from those countries and I do not think they are duplicates.