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    Question Google Dork Scanner - Find vulns?

    Anyone use this poorly coded thing?

    Goolag Scanner coded by CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications

    Ive been using it for a bit, but i don't have any vulns on most of my box's.

    Anyone else find this thing effective?

    Ive passed it onto a few clients, seem to entertain them doing there own basic google powered security scans.

    Here is a quick download; Goolag_Scanner_1.0.0.40_Setup.exe

    Ive pulled a few results on other large sites, some interesting data thats spread out on google, strange how the crawlers get into it?

    1.2 Software

    To understand Goolag Scanner, it is important to understand how "dorks"
    work (see 1.4) and with that, to establish the use of dorks as an
    acceptable tool for information security experts, penetration testers,
    and practical paranoids.

    1.4 Terms And Abbreviations

    * Dork = A detailed search pattern - heretofore used with Google's
    search engine - that uses Google to show untapped results for web
    sites previously indexed by Google.

    The intention of a dork is to find results that might show
    information relevant to security issues and/or confidential data.

    From our point of view, dorks are not limited to Google. Frankly,
    they are malicious patterns that apply to most search engines.

    * gS = Goolag Scanner

    * cDc = CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications
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  2. well that has to be one of the funniest setups ever!

  3. hmm i just seem to get error messages from google thinking im spyware trying to search stuff

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    This is mostly useful for finding insecure directories and scripts. Just make sure to update and free/commercial scripts to the latest version on time and you shouldn't have problems.
    Google will detect certain search attempts as spam or made by a bot, depending how the request was made.

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