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    need control panel with following features...

    I need a control panel to fit the following needs if anyone could point me in the right direction:

    Multiple Admin levels
    Reseller Level
    Client Level
    (and would like a reseller ability to have resellers,but not neccessary)

    Can be installed per server with unlimited license for minimal fee, minimal would not be 400+

    Anything fit this category?

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    I just need a solution of my own for control panel, every dedicated host has control panels i like ,but the servers are too high. I can purchase my own servers and colocate for some good pricing per Mbps of bandwidth , but they dont offer control panels.

    So im at a loss for what i can do at this point... im not willing to over pay for a server to get a control panel or over pay for a control panel to get a good server..
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    jdp29053 - Nearly all control panels are capable of this such as CPanel, H-Sphere etc. and the soon to be released VirtualCP and HostGUI. Try doing some searching on the forums and I am sure you will dig some info up.

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    lol hey my post was removed kewl i guess i should read the rules next time was jsut making a offer not trying to advertise IMHO lol
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    You can PM with details to your offer, but i know all control panels have many of these features, but in order to get descent pricing you have to buy in huge quantities or purchase from someone that resales.

    Generally all the resellers want you to get the control panel on there servers or pay double what the panel is worth...

    I mean is Cpanel worth 70.00 a month per server, no way..

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