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    Help:How to force break line in mail reply


    Our software is parcing the mail from people and I wanted to include some breakline in their email when they reply to help identify "original message" and cut them out for the sake of clearance.

    Normally in outlookk, when I reply letter of certain, I can see "----Original Message---" automatically appears at the top of old/original message. But not for some other letters. There is no '---Original Message---" but a <hr> only.

    I guess this may be related to header of the mail or something.

    Please help if anyone knows about this?



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    This is entirely due to the mail client that the person replying is using - different clients handle the formatting of the response differently. Thunderbird, for example, prefixes each line with a ">".

    If you're trying to programmatically remove the original message, you're probably going to have to investigate a number of the most common clients and write custom code for each. Fortunately, you can use the User-Agent: header to determine what client sent the response and use that to guide your selection of which parsing code to use for each message.

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    If this is about opening email in Outlook and such programs, I don't know if this is the correct forum to seek advice about it (less people will know what this question is about). For example, I was under the impression you were asking about a mailing script and how to insert a line break so the recipient sees it in the format you desire. Unfortunately for the question, I've not used Outlook in 15 years or something and I'm assuming the <hr> is due to them sending in HTML format and Outlook not keeping your preferences in the reply formatting, but that of the sender's preference.

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    Thanks, I thought so too that the breakline is determined by client mail software.

    I gave it a short-cut by clumsy solution. When I send email to my customer , I put under my message always a break line ( a line of text ### please reply above here###), and when he replied me, I will at least be able to block most of the old messages under my line.

    Any big pitfalls?


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