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    need northern california based dedicated server


    I am looking for a server in the northern California area. This server will be for hosting game servers.

    My needs:

    *Premium, low latency bandwidth

    Minimum server specs:

    dual dual core (dual quad core preferred)
    2GB RAM
    SCSI, Raptor, or SAS HD needed... 10,000RPM+ ... needs to at least be available for upgrade
    1.5TB monthly transfer, 2TB++ preferred
    Norther California area... Freemont, San Jose, San Francisco...

    can anyone help me out here?

    Already checked out:

    the pings and traces from several locations are not ideal.

    maybe something with Equinix, Peer1, or Mzima?

    any help would be most appreciated.

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    I would suggest getting your own hardware and setting up in the target area - More assets the better.

    Find a local DC and get to know one of the techs, its surprising what kind of deals you can get just talking to staff nicely

    Anyway, good luck.... Im gonna ask around my contacts if they have racks/contacts in that area of where you want your servers

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    Check out EgiHosting [they are on the Hurricane Electric network] - offers from them in the Dedicated Server offers board. Hurricane Electric has DCs in both Fremont and San Jose.

    As to latency, while we host with them and find the latency just right for our purposes, you would need to conduct your own tests to get the information relevant to the games you are using and the customers you are seeking to address.

    Edit: HE looking glass here

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