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    Starting a VPS company


    I want to start a XEN VPS hosting company and I would like to ask what are the main issues of current VPS providers.

    For what I have seen in the posts here in WHT, it seems that the main issue is reliability

    To start, I want to implement SMS based monitoring so that users can be automatically notified when a service is down and general load graphs on the physical nodes.

    Another idea that I'm not sure that there will be market for is to have load balancing across multiple VPS

    Anyway, I would like to have some feedback from the users here at WHT.

    Jorge Luis

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    Well a lot of companies are over crowding low spec dedicated servers with high spec VPS.

    Just avoid that and provide a managed service , you will be fine.

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    Server overloading. Horrible network connections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GELucas View Post
    Server overloading. Horrible network connections.
    If he goes down the Xen route he shouldn't have an issue at least with the first item.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GELucas View Post
    Server overloading. Horrible network connections.
    Would 10 Mbps links with 40ms latency to UK/France and 90ms to USA be considered OK?

    The 10Mbps would be shared by a maximum of 16 VPS

    The servers will be located in Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by empoweri View Post
    If he goes down the Xen route he shouldn't have an issue at least with the first item.
    I disagree.
    I currently work for an ISP and we use Xen extensivelly.
    With 2 dual core xeon CPUs we are able to run 10 VPS per physical node withou problems.
    I expect to run 16 VPS per physical node on quad core servers.

    For what I have seen in the forums, the problem with overselling is precisely the opposite of XEN.
    Since Virtuozzo based technology allows to over allocate resources, VPS providers tend to be greedy and push the server to unacceptable loads.
    In XEN, physical memory is reserved per VPS and overselling (at least memory) is not allowed.

    Of course, the Xen virtualization in itself has more overhead, but by keeping the number of VPS per physical node to an acceptable number and moving VPS to least loaded noades during load times, I believe it is possible to provide a good VPS service.


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    Maybe your first option to strongly consider the costs of starting your own operation.

    You have to consider things like datacenter: colocate or own facility
    power backup
    network backbone

    who will maintain the equipment

    You have to strongly consider the above, if you have the bucks and a solid business plan with a customer service focus and not a price war you will be setup for success.

    Its an interesting time because there is a lot more hype and publicity on virtualization. I think the providers who do a fantastic job at customer service and excellent service offering will be in a unique situation for massive growth.

    Another option is to partner with a provider that will allow you to resell vps, dedicated servers and so on with your own storefront branding, company name, merchant processing.

    basically look at piggy-backing off a provider who is already setup.

    this allows you to start for very low funds and you can focus on advertising/marketing and acquiring your customer base.

    Some good points to consider.

    It can be very expensive to start from scratch!!

    Good Luck

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