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    No-nonsense Hosting

    I have extra space on my server so...

    Plain and simple:

    $5 / month:

    100 MB
    10 GB Traffic
    10 Emails
    Multi-homed network
    Linux/Ensim control panel
    PHP/ASP compatible
    1 mySQL DB
    Email forwarders/vacation/etc
    Frontpage ext.

    I'm sure I'm missing something, so if you have any questions PM me. Chances are that I have it on my server. Judging from the other offers on here I'm not expecting much response. But if you're looking for just barebones hosting, let me know.

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    Is that Apache::ASP or Chilisoft on your server?

    - James

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    chilisoft, though if it's apache asp you need, we can do that too

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