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    Bad Host Alert

    Just signed up with AISO (Affordable Internet Services Online) - but couldn't even get as far as the setup, I was so turned off I canceled. (Part 2 will be whether they give me a refund...stay tuned.)
    This is the solar powered company, which impressed me so much that I thought choosing them was a no brainer even though rates aren't great.
    First red flag was the online set up. After plugging in credit card information, etc., it gave me a dead end error message. So I called up and was told casually, "oh yeah, we'll take that off."
    So I opened the account by phone and was told I'd receive an email with setup information in 10 minutes. Nothing came; I called after 40 minutes to verify they had the right email and was told "I'm putting it through again right now."
    About an hour later, still no email, so I called again. Note: I was not in the least angry at this point; simply confused. If they had said it would take 24-36 hours, that would have been absolutely fine, but the guy kept volunteering that it was being done instantly.
    But here's where I lost it: The same guy answered my second call, confirms it's me, and then suddenly claims he can't hear me, that something must be wrong with the connection(!) but that "Steve" is setting it up right now. If that wasn't insulting enough, the punch line was that I *still* have not received any email. So I opened a chat, got "Steve", requested cancellation, and the attitude was horribly offhand and arrogant...nothing close to an apology or any effort to regain trust...
    Anyway... It all boded very, very ill.
    Regrettably, a huge and puzzling disparity between respect for the environment and disrespect for people.
    Maybe ThinkHost will be better.

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    Partial Retraction

    I found today that setup emails did go to my Bulk folder, although there was nothing there at the time of my second call (perhaps my issue is with my email server). Personally, I still don't feel good about their style of customer service - my comments about being offhand and arrogant still hold, and the "poor connection" phone episode was highly questionable.
    However, I am setting the record straight about the emails.

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