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    Apache 2 and Cpanel

    I just got this message while i asked the server management guys to install GD image library on my server

    ""You currently are running Apache 2 which is not yet completely stable in a cpanel environment and therefore not supported. If you want us to proceed with this request, we will need to downgrade Apache to the latest supported stable version at this time which is 1.3.x""

    What should be done..Should I ask to downgrade and if they do..would that hamper the existing sites and the configurations?/

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    Is this PSM?

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    Well if your management company doesnt support apache 2 you are obligated to downgrade to 1.3 if you want to take a full advantage of their services.
    You should see what happens to the load of the server.There is no easy way "guessing" what the load would be.
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    I have apache 2.2 and GD works perfectly...All you asking is for GD which shouldn't even be a problem at all. But yea if you really need their management, just downgrade, make yourback ups.

    Or you can go to another management company and just let them do it, or you do it yourself. If you have WHM, you can recompile which is pretty easy and usually takes 15-20 minutes depending on your server.

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    Thats old news of it not being stable.

    I have 50+ servers managed within my company that are running Apache 2.x.x fine along with GD...

    I highly suggest upgrading, don't downgrade.

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    Why do you need them to upgrade it?

    Log into WHM, click apache update, walk through the steps, when you see one that says "exhaustive list of options"(or something similar) click that. Check the box GD, then save & build.

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    For the record, Apache 2.0.x is now stable. It is so stable that it is now the default version of Apache on new cPanel/WHM installs.
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