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    GamingStreams is hosting a tournament. I need some people to help organize it. If anyone is interested please pm me

    -$100.00 coupon provided by
    -$50.00 cash provided by
    -2 x Mp4/Mp3 players from
    -2x 20 slot vent servers for 1 month from
    -1 month free dedicated server from


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    What game(s) is the tournament for?

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    What type of help are you looking for?

    I used to help used to be one of the techs for lanfest (newegg) doing there LAN and getting the servers up and running, teamspeak, and the rest.
    Remote Hands and Your Local Tech for the Los Angeles area.

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    Im looking to get guys to help with forums, possibly someone to help with the setup of the tournament via a script of some sort.... Id like to do a COD4 tournament.... maybe some other games aswell... my msn is jason @ if youd like to chat

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