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    Database needing coding

    Hey all,

    I am lanuching a new software that records results of school sporting days eg swimming sports, athletics etc.

    I am looking for someone that can code a website that allows the results from a sports scoring program, to be uploaded to an online site/database so that different schools can compare results, as well as track the preformance of different people etc.

    At the moment I am just looking for a quote for how much this will cost.

    As well as financial payment we are also hoping that a deal involving advertising can be arranged.

    Please post any quotes here, or PM me.

    Adrian Williams

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    I'm afraid that if you can specify the nature of your software storage. I mean is it Access or another DB Engine... and what do you imagine the web site can be built to "Upload" the schools different "Tables"....
    Looking forward from you...
    I hope you specify this so that I can give you an estimate of the cost and time.. it may vary greatly.... You Know...

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