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    * Our Company's Server...

    Hello Everyone! Good day to you!

    Well, My computer company seems to be getting so much business these days I thought it was about time to setup our own website & server. I took to the liberty of doing a good bit of research on the different type of web server softwares out there and was quit pleased with what I have choosen.

    Since 'web sales' is not our primary income right now I considered it would be best to start off on the web small and grow if time and interest permits. Being that I myself am a computer tech I decided to go with a Windows server (ahh.. I know.. Linux is more stable & secure, I do agree with you but certain things are halting me from personally using linux at this time.). So I decided since I am just in the experimental phase I am not going to buy a new license for Windows 2000 server until I know this is right for my company. So, I pulled up an older server and installed Windows 2000 Professional and installed a really nice piece of software called 'Sambar'. It all seems to be going well for now. I am duley considering upgrading to w2k server if things continue to look good.

    But to my point, do you have any suggestions for me? Anything I should look out for?

    Remember this is in the experimental phase.

    Thanks So Much,
    TechEGlobal Computer Solutions

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    What are you running that you need your own server for? In a lot of cases, shared hosting plans would be fine.
    Matt De Leon
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    You may want to start off with a virtual hosting account. These are on managed servers in proper data center facilities (most cases). This would probably be a cheaper, safer and less time consuming option.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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