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    SIP Bridge - Does it exist?


    Recently I have been calling a few international people a lot. Unfortunately this really shows in the phone bill at about $1/minute. So I am trying to find another way to make these calls from my mobile.

    I came up with the following: With my mobile I call a local voip-in number here in NL. This call is delivered over SIP to me. Using SIP I then send the call to the destination. This way it will only cost me about 15 cents a minute.

    The problem here is how to connect those two SIP accounts. One has the incoming call, and should 'bridge' that call to the second account that will bring it to the destination. I could probably use Asterisk or OpenSER but that is actually way overkill.

    For Skype there is a Skype2Sip tool that actually does the same...but that bridges between skype and SIP. I need a SIP<->SIP bridge. Would something like that exist? Preferably Windows sine I have a windows server here locally, but Linux would work as well.

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    Hi there,

    You could have a look at callcentric's calling card feature. If you singed up for an account for them and then brought yourself a local number in the Neatherlands, you could then call that number, get another dialtone, and then make your international calls at VOIP rates.

    I do this exact same thing, although, I use my own Asterisk server running on a VPS to route the calls. You would not really need to do this though if you just wanted to make outgoing calls.

    Have a look here for some details -

    Only thing you might find is that, as the servers are based in New York, if you're calling somewhere in europe the call has got to make a couple of hops over the atlantic. Only way to test the quality though is to give it a go.

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