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    Question Enom PDQ setup question

    Have any enom PDQ users figured out how to put a "check domain availabilty" form on your website that upon submitting will redirect vistors and show the results of the availbilty check on your enom PDQ?

    The problem I am having is with my PDQ key. I'm not sure where or how the correct way is to include it as a hidden field on my form. Even without using my PDQ key I run into problems, it will just redirect me to the PDQ "check domain" form without any domain results".

    I've emailed enom, asking if this is even possible to do. They've been kind of slow to answer emails lately, and was hoping somebody else here has figured it out already. I'll post their reply once I get it, I'm sure other PDQ users would want to do this as well.

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    I emailed enom about this too. After sending a rude one, I got a response from Billy. The official word is that you can't do what you (and I) want to do at the moment with PDQ.

    The problem is with the url cloaking frameset. For example, if you take the real url of your PDQ site and append the domain search data as a query string, PDQ will process that data just as it would if it was post data.

    I wrote to Billy telling him that it would be very easy at their end to write some additional scripting so that this would work with the cloaked framset. Hmmm - I wish I could just ftp to their web server and do it myself!

    One alternative might be to bypass enom's frameset all together. I have wondered whether I couldn't just handle the url cloaking myself on my server. I don't know if this would work with PDQ. I haven't joined up with them yet because I am still tossing up whether to write my own site from scratch using the API.

    Hey - I've just been playing with another reseller's PDQ site, and I think this is what I am going to do. I'm going to handle the URL cloaking myself with my own frameset. That way, I will use a script to generate the frameset which will embed the search results page in the frameset.

    For example

    Now I jjust got to choose which one of their very ugly colour schemes I will go for.

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    Looks like they put out a solution to your problem.


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    Same issue I have for my PDQ, but this tool help me move forward and market the domain registration business as I try to code this myself.

    If I got time this weekend, I will try to study the API of enom and will try this to my test site. I have some enhancement I need to offer for my clients that is not included in PDQ.

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